Content Marketing

I don’t have the energy to write a lot about this right now, but I wanted to point out this good little article I read on Clickz about “content marketing”. Content marketing hasn’t yet become one of those buzz phrases that gets hyped and repeated over and over but I see it as the core of online marketing and something that I believe is necessary to reach a  high level of success online, especially into the future. [Of course, content marketing doesn’t have to apply to marketing online only, but that’s what this particular article, which is plugging a book on the subject, is about]. It’s a comprehensive approach, considering all accessible tools on the web and requires creative thinking as well as dry data to be a success. It’s at the core of what Google consistently suggests to Webmasters to rank well.

It’s a difficult thing to pull off well, though, especially for small or medium-sized businesses because a great website, video, whatever the vehicle is, will usually require a whole lot of time and attention to have the desired effect. And you need the right persos or people to pull it off. It will likely also require a lot of input from those primarily responsible for “running” the business, and time is usually in short supply.

Taking the time to create and market great content, though, is the best way in my opinion to diversify your efforts and be successful in the long-run. If you can’t do it yourself, get someone or an agency that you trust that can take the lead, recognize what unique value your business offers and build a campaign around that, using you {the business owner or expert} as a source the subject or source of information.  Kind of like the Delta video the article used as an example. In my opinion, the video wasn’t the greatest, but I do think it was interesting and it’s gotten over a million and a half views. And it’s at least a good example of the type of thing businesses can do to better engage, brand, and convert.